True Gospel Revealed Anew By Jesus. Volume 4

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Author Contents Date of Message Page
Rev John Paul Gibson Introduction   iii
Jesus Jesus selects Dr. Stone.   1
Leslie Stone Talks by Dr. Leslie R. Stone to unseen guests.   1
Trustees IN MEMORIAM   8
Trustees Dr. Leslie R. Stone.   9
John John states the great importance of Jesus message in selecting his friend Dr. Stone to also perform a great work in behalf of the Kingdom. 3-Oct-1915 10
Helen Padgett Helen: Affirms that John wrote on the selection of Mr. Padgett, Dr. Stone and Eugene Morgan to work for the Kingdom. 6-Feb-1917 11
Priscilla Stone Mrs. Stone: Urges that Mr. Padgett, Dr. Stone and Eugene Morgan never doubt that they have been chosen to work for the Kingdom. 6-Feb-1917 11
Mary Kennedy Mary Kennedy: The soulmates shed tears of joy to hear that Mr. Padgett, Dr. Stone and Mr. Morgan were favored by Jesus. 23-Mar-1916. 12
John John, as Mr. Padgett’s guardian angel will go wherever Mr. Padgett will go to enable him to perform his work in protecting and enlightening Mr. Padgett. (This message contains the text of Vol I pg 154, and V 2 pg 184) 15-Mar-1917 13
John John heard the manner of conversation that Mr. Padgett had with Dr. Stone and approves the idea. 30-Apr-1917 16
Helen Padgett Helen relinquished part of her message to permit Dr. Stone’s soulmate, Mary Kennedy, to express her love and happiness in the work that he was performing with the dark spirits. 26-Apr-1915 17
Helen Padgett & Mary Kennedy A joint message from Helen and Mary expressing their happiness that the Master will be with Dr. Stone with all his love and power. 28-Sept-1915 19
Helen Padgett First message for Dr. Leslie R. Stone from Mary Kennedy, his soulmate. 23-Jan-1915 20
Mary Kennedy After a lapse of time, this is the second message written by Mary Kennedy. 7-Sep-1915 22
Helen Padgett First message received from Helen, wife of Mr. Padgett, for Dr. Stone. 30-Dec-1914 23
Dr Stone Doctor Stone writes on the great impression this first message had on him.   25
James James writes that Dr. Stone is progressing in his soul development and in his rapport with the spirits of the higher spheres. 8-Jan-1917 27
James St. James is pleased with the progress of Dr. Leslie R. Stone who is his special charge to guide and wants him to trust him. 13-May-1917 27
Mary Kennedy Mary confirms the writing of James. (Duplicate of message on pg 46) 13-May-1917 29
William Stone First formal message from Dr. Stone’s father, William Stone. 14-Nov-1915 30
Priscilla Stone First formal message from the mother of Dr. Leslie R. Stone. 1-Jan-1915 31
Priscilla & Kate Stone Priscilla Stone and Sister Kate wrote a message of love to Leslie R. Stone. 23-Nov-1915 32
Priscilla Stone Priscilla Stone, Mother of Leslie R. Stone, has advanced to First Celestial Sphere. 10-Jan-1916 33
Priscilla Stone Mother of Dr. Stone regards the work of both Mr. Padgett and her son very important and mentions the great love of the Master for both. 17-Feb-1916 34
Priscilla Stone Mother of Dr. Stone expresses her great love for her son and reports on progress of his father and sister and his soulmate Mary. 6-Mar-1916 35
Priscilla Stone Priscilla Stone again expresses her great love for her son and is very happy to see his soul development in the Love of the Father as well as the love of his soulmate Mary. 13-Oct-1916 37
Priscilla Stone Priscilla Stone writes on his trip into the spirit world. 16-Dec-1916 39
Priscilla Stone Priscilla Stone explains the great joy living in the Father’s Kingdom that she wants her son to know a great deal about. 20-Nov-1916 40
William Stone Second message from William Stone, father of Leslie R. Stone. (This message is duplicated in Vol I pg 378) 23-Nov-1915 41
Priscilla Stone Priscilla Stone, mother of Dr. Stone, makes considerable effort to help her children on earth even to follow them on the battle field, also tells of her progress in the Celestial Heavens. 19-Apr-1917 41
William Stone William Stone, Father, gives a report on his son’s work and spiritual development in his great mission selected by the Master. 23-Mar-1916 43
Helen Padgett & Mary Kennedy Both Helen and Mary write this message and Mary has progressed to the First Celestial Sphere which is confirmed by Helen. 6-May-1916 44
Mary Kennedy Mary is so happy that Dr. Stone now has a photograph of her. 24-Mar-1920 45
Mary Kennedy Mary says that St. James takes a special interest in him and is doing everything to help develop him. 13-May-1917 46
William Stone Leslie’s father wants him to know that God’s Love has flowed into his soul in great abundance. 21-Jun-1917 48
Priscilla Stone Priscilla Stone is very happy to hear them discuss the Divine Love of the Father.   49
Priscilla Stone Priscilla Stone is grateful for the messages received by Mr. Padgett from the Celestials to permit her faster spiritual progression. 16-Jun-1917 50
William Stone William Stone, father of Leslie, explains conditions of those that are suddenly forced into the spirit world as a result of war, and the great effort to contact his children on earth.   51
William Stone William Stone is happy that Jesus selected his son, Leslie, to perform special work in behalf of the Kingdom and he must not doubt. 3-Oct-1915 52
Mary Kennedy Mary writes that only the Father’s Love is important tonight for her soulmate, Leslie. 5-Apr-1915 53
Mary Kennedy Mary is happy when she is permitted to write to Leslie. 23-Nov-1915 54
Mary Kennedy Mary answers the call of her soulmate, Leslie.   55
George Smith George W. Smith lived in England near the Stone family. 8-Dec-1917 55
Kate Stone Kate Stone urges Leslie to write his sisters on earth regarding spiritual communication. 22-Nov-1915 56
Mary Kennedy Mary Kennedy describes the difference between the soulmate love and the mother’s love for her son.   57
Mary Kennedy Mary Kennedy intends to take the spirit of Dr. Stone out of the body to show him where she is living in the same way that Helen did with Mr. Padgett. 3-Jul-1916 58
Helen Padgett Helen confirms Mary’s plan. 3-Jul-1916 59
Mary Kennedy Mary Kennedy succeeds in bringing her soulmate, Leslie, into the third sphere, although upon his return he did not remember the travel he made into the spirit world. 13-Dec-1916 60
Mary Kennedy Spiritual help given to Dr. Stone in his healing prayer for the sick. 4-Apr-1918 61
Kate Stone Kate Stone is pleased with the help given to her brother, Leslie R. Stone, by Dr. Campbell. 4-Apr-1918 62
William Stone William Stone, father, wrote of his son’s experience in his first travel into the spirit world where he met his family there. 28-Dec-1916 63
White Eagle White Eagle under Jesus’ direction helped to correct Mr. Padgett’s digestive organs, as a result of his prayer to the Father for help. (This message is duplicated in Vol III pg:92) 15-Feb-1915 63
Kate Stone Dr. Stone’s sister, Kate, says that she was not very wise when on earth, but now knows the wonderful things that come to her with the inflowing of the Father’s Love. 6-Jun-1916 64
William Stone William Stone is happy to see his son’s wonderful development in his soul. 4-Nov-1915 66
Kate Stone Dr. Stone’s sister makes reference, as did John Padgett, to the depressing influence which Richard the Third brought with him. 6-Nov-1916 67
Kate Stone Kate Stone and family always respond when the call comes that Leslie needs help.   67
Helen Padgett Mr. Padgett and Dr. Stone go to a Presbyterian church for the New Year’s Eve service. 31-Dec-1916 69
Priscilla Stone Dr. Stone’s mother, Priscilla Stone, is very happy to see the inflowing of Divine Love into Leslie’s soul and sorry that she cannot reach her other children on earth.   70
Priscilla Stone Mother of Leslie tells of her spiritual progress and her Great Love of the Father; and confirms his visit to Eleanor Meads, age 15, now in the spirit world. to help her again as he did when she was still on earth. 10-Dec-1917 71
Helen Padgett Helen confirms that Dr. Stone’s mother wrote. 16-Jun-1917 74
Leslie Winfield Dr. Stone’s mother helped her grandfather to progress out of darkness.   74
Priscilla Stone Priscilla Stone praises the work of both Mr. Padgett and her son, Leslie R. Stone, and thanks the Heavenly Father for bringing her son to the knowledge of this Love.   75
Priscilla Stone Priscilla Stone writes about the beautiful spirits present tonight in such great numbers that no dark spirit could stand to be present in the same atmosphere.   76
Mary Kennedy Mary writes that both of Dr. Stone’s parents are now living in the Celestial Heavens. 10-Jun-1920 78
Mary Kennedy Mary writes that she is both hungry and thirsty for Dr. Stone’s love.   79
Mary Kennedy Mary Kennedy writes that Celestial Spirits are proud to know Dr. Stone.   80
Mary Kennedy Mary Kennedy has progressed into the same sphere that is inhabited by Mrs. Helen Padgett.   81
William Stone William Stone tells of Leslie’s friend Plummer’s progress out of darkness. 15-Mar-1917 82
Mary Kennedy Mary wants her soulmate, Leslie, to know that she is progressing and is now beyond the Third Celestial Sphere.   83
Priscilla Stone Priscilla Stone tells her son, Leslie, that his soul is becoming filled with more Love of the Father. 2-Nov-1916 84
Mary Kennedy Mary agrees to what his mother has said about Leslie’s progress in his soul development. 2-Nov-1916 85
Mary Kennedy Mary says that Leslie is the other part of her, and will surely unite with her when he comes to the spirit world.   86
Jesus Dr. Stone receives instruction from Jesus of the Bible to accept help from anyone that is willing to give it, even though they do not have the Divine Love. 15-Nov-1954 87
Mary Kennedy Mary Kennedy progresses to the First Celestial Sphere and gives a description of her new home. 8-Oct-1915 88
Mary Kennedy Mary Kennedy says that no matter how many wives Leslie may have had, none of them can be his soulmates, only little me. 12-Jan-1918 91
Mary Kennedy Mary is progressing all the time (now a Celestial Spirit where only Divine Love exists, and spirits cease to have brothers, mothers or relations, only one great brotherhood, whose nearness and unity depend upon the amount of Divine Love.) 1-May-1918 92
Mary Kennedy Mary says what a great privilege it is that only Mr. Padgett, Leslie and Mr. Morgan at the time can make known the Truth of the Father.   94
Mary Kennedy Mary says that she has progressed to the Celestial Sphere where there are no numbers and is among spirits who fairly shine with the Great Love of The Father. 18-Dec-1917 95
Mary Kennedy Mary says that the soulmate love is only surpassed by the Divine Love of the Father.   96
Mary Kennedy Mary writes that the soulmate love increases as the Divine Love increases.   97
Mary Kennedy Mary Kennedy, soulmate of Dr. Leslie Stone, referring to a message written by John the Apostle. 6-Feb-1917 98
Priscilla Stone Priscilla Stone, wrote immediately after Mary. (This message is duplicated in Vol IV pg 11) 6-Feb-1917 99
Mary Kennedy Mary says that we spirit soulmates do not make other engagements when we can be with our soulmates on earth.   100
Mary Kennedy Mary says that the visit that Leslie made into the spirit world was one of the happiest nights of her life.   101
Mary Kennedy Mary says that if she were a mortal she would rather possess the power to help spirits that needed help than the riches of the richest man in the world.   102
Mary Kennedy Mary says that the same Love that has filled her soul and made her an Angel of Light is flowing into Leslie’s soul.   103
Mary Kennedy Mary says that they are able to reach many spirits as a result of his talks that otherwise could not be reached.   104
Priscilla Stone Priscilla Stone is happy to see the Love of the Father come into his soul.   104
Mary Kennedy Mary says that what Helen wrote about soulmate love also applies to Leslie and her. That their soulmate love can never be taken from them. (Duplicate of a message in Vol IV pg 200) 11-Oct-1917 105
Mary Kennedy Mary tells of the great gift that her soulmate, Leslie, will receive and exercise. 16-Oct-1917 106
Mary Kennedy Mary says that her soulmate love for Leslie is like a consuming flame. It is the one great love outside of the Father’s Love. 16-Dec-1916 107
Judge Syrick Judge Syrick confirms that the soulmates of Mr. Padgett and Dr. Stone had them traveling in the spirit world and they are truly who they represent themselves to be when they write. 28-Dec-1916 108
Mary Kennedy Mary Kennedy tells of her great love for her soulmate, Leslie, in an early message.   109
Helen Padgett Helen writes about the love-making scene between the Doctor and his soulmate, Mary. 8-Oct-1915 110
Helen Padgett & Mary Kennedy Helen and Mary write of their love for their soulmates on earth. 16-Feb-1920 111
Helen Padgett Helen decided to scold the soulmates but without the cooperation of Mary. 6-Dec-1915 113
Helen Padgett & Mary Kennedy In another joint message Helen and Mary jest about their love for their soulmates. 15-Dec-1915 114
Mary Kennedy Mary continues to explain her soulmate’s love, but does not want to frighten him with her pursuit of this love. 26-Dec-1915 115
Helen Padgett & Mary Kennedy Helen and Mary wrote a joint message to permit Mary to tell a secret to her soulmate. 29-Dec-1915 116
Laura Burroughs Mr. Padgett’s cousin has found her soulmate, thanks to Helen Padgett. (Duplicate of a message in Vol III pg 364) 19-Jan-1917 117
Rose Judge Syrick’s soulmate writes about his progress in the Divine Love. 24-Apr-1916 118
Helen Padgett A loving personal message to her husband and soulmate. 24-Apr-1916 119
Helen Padgett Helen urges Mr. Padgett to follow John’s advice. Also writes about soulmates. 19-Jan-1917 119
Helen Padgett The wonders, benefits and blessings wrought by the Divine Love of God. 8-Jun-1916 121
George Luckett A confirmed bachelor decides he will try to get into the proper condition that will enable him to meet his soulmate. (This message is duplicated in Vol III pg:365) 19-Jan-1917 124
John Padgett Mr. Padgett’s father tells of his progress to the First Celestial Sphere and as his guardian angel tells him not to worry about material needs. 28-Oct-1916 125
Mrs Horner A spirit writes a very beautiful letter of love to her soulmate. 16-Dec-1917 127
Judge Syrick Judge Syrick, an old friend of both Mr. Padgett and Dr. Stone, relates his spiritual progression and is living with his soulmate in the fifth sphere. 13-May-1917 128
Helen Padgett Helen writes a message. 13-May-1917 129
Judge Syrick Judge Syrick described the spiritual law of do unto others and also his progress into the seventh sphere. 21-Dec-1917 130
Helen Padgett Helen is glad that the Judge wrote. 21-Dec-1917 131
Helen Padgett Helen came to her husband’s call.   132
Mary Kennedy Mary wrote through Eugene Morgan, selected by Jesus, like Mr. Padgett and Dr. Stone, to work in behalf of the Kingdom, and urges her soulmate, Leslie, to continue in this work.   132
John John has written about a visit to a medium, although the spiritual forces were not too good, but the message from a four year child, Rosebud, that was attracted to Mr. Padgett and came home with him to tell him was absolutely true. 28-Oct-1915 134
Luke Luke comments on a preacher’s sermon and advises Mr. Padgett to cultivate the friendship of this preacher in order to help him to better understand the Truth. 12-Oct-1916 135
Peter Saint Peter wants Mr. Padgett to obtain more faith and Love of the Father and that he is with him quite often trying to help him. (Duplicate of a message in Vol II pg 132) 8-Aug-1915 136
Aleyabis Aleyabis, a follower of Zoroaster, overheard previous conversations and since he does not know about the New Birth, would like to learn. 20-Aug-1915 137
Sir Walter Raleigh Sir Walter Raleigh writes of his progress to the fourth sphere. 25-Feb-1917 137
Jesus Jesus says: Eugene Morgan is a very spiritual man. 30-Oct-1915 139
Jesus Jesus has chosen Mr. Eugene Morgan to do a work in reference to the spreading of the Truths. 22-Mar-1916 140
Helen Padgett Helen: Confirms that the Master wrote and selected Mr. Morgan to do a work in reference to the spreading of his Truths. 22-Mar-1916 141
Luke Luke, Eugene Morgan’s guardian angel tells of the great work he is doing among the dark Catholic spirits. 14-May-1917 142
Priscilla Stone, - Dr.’s mother Eugene Morgan’s mother tells of her Mother’s love, his soulmate’s love, and the Divine Love of the Father. 30-Oct-1915 144
Helen Padgett Helen: Comments on message by Eugene Morgan’s mother. 30-Oct-1915 145
John John says: Dr. Stone and Eugene Morgan have a great deal of love in their souls. 4-Nov-1916 146
Eugene Morgan’s grandfather Grandfather and father helped Eugene Morgan’s spiritual development. 4-Nov-1916 147
Eugene Morgan’s sister Eugene Morgan’s sister is happy that Eugene has received the Great Love of the Father. 4-Nov-1916 149
John St. John has written about the great powers that are behind Mr. Padgett to fulfill all his wishes, which was further encouraged by Leslie’s mother, his Sister Kate, Prof. Salyards, Elizabeth Barret Browning, and his wife, Helen. 7-Jan-1916 150
Paul Paul tells Mr. Padgett about the inner beliefs and the mind of a Washington methodist preacher and advises him to talk to the preacher with regard to the Plan of Salvation as revealed in the messages. 3-Jul-1917 150
John Mark John Mark: Spiritualist teacher’s lack of knowledge of the Truth. The importance of the Truth being made known to all souls. 20-May-1917 152
Paul Paul: The Apostle to the Christians urges Mr. Padgett to bring the message of Jesus on “The Soul,” as well as the present message, to the spiritualist. 20-May-1917 153
Martin Luther Luther describes the relationship that existed in his day between the laymen and the church officials. 23-May-1916 155
Martin Luther Luther: Comments on the war then in progress, and its consequences. 18-Mar-1917 157
Martin Luther Luther sees the necessity of correcting many of the principles of belief of his followers. 16-May-1916 157
Mary Kennedy First message written automatically by Mr. Morgan from Mary Kennedy, October 12, 1916. 12-Oct-1916 158
Jesus Jesus: What men should believe in order to again become the perfect man. 12-Dec-1916 158
Helen Padgett Helen: Affirming that Jesus wrote on what men should do to become the perfect man. 12-Dec-1916 159
Jesus The things material that men pray for are answered by God by using spirits for that purpose.(This message is duplicated in Vol III pg:89) 19-Sept-1920 159
Jesus The Master stresses the importance of the work yet to be done and assures Mr. Padgett of his help in all times of need. (Duplicate of a message in Vol II pg 229) 2-May-1920 160
Helen Padgett Helen urges Mr. Padgett to remain in a condition of Love for the sake of the work to be done. (Duplicate of a message in Vol II pg 231) 2-May-1920 162
Jesus Jesus gives advice for Mr. Padgett to help a medium into a knowledge of the Divine Truths. (Duplicate of a message in Vol III pg 85.) 3-Mar-1919 162
Jesus Jesus: The importance of the work set before Mr. Padgett. The necessity of getting into condition to do this work. 17-Sept-1917 165
Helen Padgett Helen: Confirmation that Jesus wrote about getting in condition to do the work. 16-Sep-1917 167
Jesus Accepts suggestion from Mr. Padgett to write on the soul, that is, when he is better able to do so. Jesus also informs Mr. Padgett that Mr. Morgan’s work will not be the same as his. 16-Mar-1917 167
Jesus How the Divine Love may be called upon and used in the healing of our physical bodies. 16-May-1916 168
Helen Padgett Helen confirms that the healing forces of Divine Love had been utilized in Mr. Morgan’s behalf. 16-May-1916 169
Jesus Jesus informs Mr. Padgett that his soul has had a great inflowing of Divine Love. 20-Dec-1915 170
Jesus Jesus speaks about how many Christian Scientists exercise the faith that helps them to overcome harmful habits. 5-Apr-1916 171
Jesus Jesus writes, that Mr. Padgett’s prayers have been answered and is now ready to receive Jesus’ teachings on the Truths of the Father. 5-Jan-1915 172
Ann Rollins Ann Rollins confirms that Jesus wrote the preceding message. 5-Jan-1915 174
Queen Elizabeth A great Queen in her day confesses freely to the violations of the Law of Compensation which she committed and reveals a soul full of remorse and contrition. 12-May-1915 174
Helen Padgett Helen says that Mr. Padgett’s mother will help the Queen. 12-May-1915 176
Robert Ingersoll This writer, called an infidel by contemporaries, tells of his religious views when on earth and is caused to visualize some bright spirits of the Celestial Heavens. 5-Aug-1915 176
Helen Padgett Helen confirms the previous message. 5-Aug-1915 179
Robert Ingersoll Robert G. Ingersoll is praying for the Divine Love. 22-Sep-1915 179
Helen Padgett Helen: Affirming that R. G. Ingersoll wrote. 23-Sep-1915 181
Robert Ingersoll Ingersoll regrets that he did not know the Truth when on earth. 1-Oct-1915 181
Robert Ingersoll Ingersoll relates his experience in obtaining the Divine Love. 18-Feb-1916 182
Robert Ingersoll Ingersoll describes his progress and his difficulty in changing the views of his followers. 24-Apr-1916 184
Robert Ingersoll Life and death, the friends of mortals, each to be welcomed. The one, the friend for eternity; the other, the friend for only a moment, but what a friend! 10-Mar-1917 185
Robert Ingersoll Ingersoll comments on the teachings of Swedenborg while on earth. 29-Mar-1917 186
Ann Rollins Early message from Mr. Padgett’s grandmother, intended to enlighten Mr. Padgett, so that the Truths later on in the formal messages would contain more exact explanations that the Celestials, including Jesus, would be able to give to the world. (Duplicate of a message in Vol III, pg 51) 11-Nov-1914 188
Jesus An early message from the Master, preparing Mr. Padgett to receive the formal messages. (This message is almost the same as the message on page 172 of this volume.) 5-Jan-1915 190
Ann Rollins Ann Rollins: Affirms that Jesus wrote. (This message is duplicated in Vol IV pg 174) 5-Jan-1915 191
James James: The Truths are not to be refuted by any preaching or teachings, or any reference to the Bible, that are contrary to these Truths. 28-Oct-1915 191

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