True Gospel Revealed Anew By Jesus. Volume 3

True Gospel Revealed Anew By Jesus. Volume 3 Part 2

This is the second part of an index of this publication, which is published by the Foundation Church of the New Birth, Inc. P.O. Box 6, Williamsville, NY 14231. This was first published in about 1941. This is in the physical order of the book (page number sequence). In order to reduce the size of the html file, this index has been split into two halves. The start of the index can be found on this link.

Author Contents Date of Message Page
John St. John approves of Mr. Padgett reading the book by Stainton Moses as there are many things in it that are true. 5-Jul-1918 213
John St. John, the guardian angel of Mr. Padgett has said that Jesus, our leader, is making a great effort to establish a Kingdom of God in the Celestial Heavens. 16-Dec-1917 214
John St. John writes that Mr. Padgett is very near the Father in His Love and not to doubt that the Master is not with him.   215
John John explains that even Jesus can lose power of communications when it is exhausted according to Law of Communication. 24-Aug-1915 216
Luke St. Luke also mentions that even Jesus in his writing can exhaust his power according to spiritual laws. 24-Aug-1915 216
St Sebastian St. Sebastian wants Mr. Padgett to know that he is in condition to write. 24-Aug-1915 217
Helen Padgett Helen confirms that those who wrote were actually who they said that they were, because she knew them. 24-Aug-1915 217
St Celestia St Celesia the martyr. 8-Aug-1915 217
Aaron Aaron was a very powerful man when on earth. 12-Aug-1915 219
Soloman Solomon of Old also became a follower of Jesus and knows that Jesus is the only Way to the Father. (Duplicate of a message in Vol II pg 108) 28-Jun-1915 219
Anabalixis Anabalixis, of Atlantis promised to come again and write on the lost continent. 22-Jul-1915 219
Helen Padgett Helen confirms that the ancient writers were just who they represented themselves to be. 22-Jul-1915 220
Soloman Solomon of Old encourages Mr. Padgett and stresses the importance to receive these important Truths without delay as mankind is turning more to spiritual things. 14-Jun-1917 220
Matthew St. Matthew will be a part of Mr. Padgett’s band. 20-Jul-1915 221
Mark St. Mark assures Mr. Padgett that the Master is now doing the great work for the redemption of mankind. (Duplicate of Vol II pg 204) 20-Jul-1915 222
Helen Padgett Helen writes about the importance to receive the Master’s Truths. 20-Jul-1915 222
John John confirms the thought that he is the St. John of the Bible. 20-Jul-1915 222
Samuel Samuel writes that there is no reason why Mr. Padgett cannot get the Divine Love of the Father. 13-Sept-1915 222
Lot Lot is also trying to help Mr. Padgett. 13-Sept-1915 223
Helen Padgett Helen describes the discussion in the park between Dr. Stone and Mr. Padgett. 13-Sept-1915 223
Samuel Samuel the prophet says that the only Way to redemption is through the Divine Love of the Father. 20-Sept-1915 224
Elohiam Elohiam: A member of the Sanhedrin and judge at the trial of Jesus states the reasons for condemning the Master at the time. (Duplicate of message on page 361 Vol I) 23-Jan-1917 224
Caligula Caligula, a Roman Emperor and murderer of Christians, finds his soulmate. 11-Oct-1915 227
Caligula Caligula (Roman Emperor) overheard a conversation between Mr. Padgett and Dr. Stone on operations of the soul development upon the physical mind after death. 25-Oct-1915 229
Gottfried Leibnitz Leibnitz, a German philosopher, now in the Second Sphere, wrote on immortality and the uncertainty of obtaining it even in the spirit world. 4-Jun-1917 230
James Blaine Blaine, a friend of Mr. Padgett’s, praises him for his work and tells about his spiritual pursuits. 14-Sep-1915 232
Helen Padgett Helen wonders about the many beautiful spirits that are around him at times.   232
James Blaine Blaine visits the Councils Of All Nations to learn the objects of their efforts and desires and surprising as it may seem the German’s feel that God is on their side. 1-Feb-1917 233
Bismarck Bismarck, a former statesman, places the blame on England for the economic conditions in Germany that forced them to go to war. 1-Feb-1917 234
Helen Padgett Helen confirms that Blaine and Bismarck wrote about the war and were most serious about what they said. 1-Feb-1917 237
Elias Elias writes that he is the prophet of the Transfiguration that actually occurred. 8-Oct-1916 238
Elias Elias talks about the importance in getting into proper condition to permit the spirits to write. 14-Apr-1917 238
Salaaida Salaalida, a moslem, helped to defend Jerusalem from the Christians, is a very happy spirit and a lover of God. 12-Aug-1915 239
Los Trenos Los Trenos was murdered in the Inquisition of Spain because he believed in God And was a Bible student, tells of his progress into the Celestial Heavens. 12-Jan-1917 240
A.G.Riddle Riddle confirms that the Spanish martyr is whom he represents himself to be. 12-Jan-1917 241
Loyola Loyola is a follower of the Master and an inhabitant of the Father’s Kingdom. 8-Aug-1915 241
St Celestia St Celesia the martyr. (Duplicate of message on page 217, Vol III) 8-Aug-1915 242
St Salatia Saint Salatia is now in the Celestial Heavens and a follower of Jesus, but began in the spirit world in darkness and suffering because of a false love as a teacher. 31-Aug-1915 243
St Camelia St. Camelia, a Catholic nun, is no longer a nun or a Catholic, but a Christian redeemed by the Father. 31-Aug-1915 244
Amoulomol Amoulomol, a resident of the North Pole when it was green and warm. 31-Aug-1915 245
St Clement St. Clement: Errors of the Church in which he was a member must be destroyed. 29-Aug-1915 245
Martin Luther Mr. Luther writes that Mr. Padgett will not be in error as he was because his writing came only from spirits and angels who know God’s Truth. 12-Apr-1917 246
Johnson An ex-president is still in darkness due to some earth desires.   246
Longiticus Longiticus tells of his spiritual progression, but knows nothing of Divine Love. 25-Nov-1918 247
Helen Padgett Helen mentions the fact that Mr. Padgett was not satisfied with what the wise men were writing about. 25-Nov-1918 248
Mrs. Mitchell Spirit mother of a material preacher writes about her spiritual finding and new beliefs and would like her son to know and believe as she does. 3-Jul-1917 249
Helen Padgett Helen progresses to a higher Celestial Sphere and tells of her work in revealing who their soulmates are and in bringing them together, but since Mr. Padgett is her soulmate, her work is mainly with him so long as he is on earth. 28-Oct-1916 251
Helen Padgett Helen, Mrs. Padgett, answers a dream call from Mr. Padgett. 4-Dec-1915 253
Jesus Jesus is not willing to write on the subject of soul because Mr. Padgett’s condition is not what it should be although Mr. Padgett is anxious to receive it. 13-Feb-1917 255
John John explains the writing received by Mr. Morgan and the relative importance of each, and that their work will become more important after Mr. Padgett finishes his work in behalf of the Kingdom. 7-Jun-1918 256
Jesus Jesus explains the great importance of his being in condition to receive the many truths that are still to be written while Mr. Padgett is still here. 7-Mar-1920 256
Helen Padgett Jesus is so anxious to reveal the Truth that he knows for the good of humanity. 7-Mar-1920 258
Jesus Jesus postpones writing to correct Mr. Padgett’s thinking before he can write again. 27-Feb-1916 258
Helen Padgett Helen is happy for the improvements in Mr. Padgett’s spiritual progression. 5-Mar-1916 259
Lafayette Lafayette, the lover of liberty, and a friend of Washington and our country, expresses his thoughts regarding France as well as Germany and the outcome of the war. 1-Aug-1915 259
Otto von Bismarck Bismarck disagrees with what Lafayette has just written about the German emperor, but claims that the war was forced on him and of course made the wrong prediction as to its outcome. 1-Aug-1915 261
George Washington George Washington is a follower of the Master and has progressed to the First Celestial Heaven, and is still interested in the individual souls of men as well as their spiritual welfare. 1-Aug-1915 262
John Brown John Brown gave his life for the freedom of the slaves and the purification of the nation; and is still fighting for truth and liberty in the spirit world. 1-Aug-1915 264
Helen Padgett Mrs. Padgett explains the effect on babies who come into the spirit world as a result of abortion. 13-Nov-1915 265
Laura Burroughs Mr. Padgett’s cousin seeks his help, which she has learned about in the spirit world from the dark spirits that received his help. 29-Mar-1915 266
Ann Rollins Ann Rollins reassures Mr. Padgett to have faith in the Master, the true Jesus of the Bible, and others truly are who they represented themselves to be. (Duplicate of message on page 45, Vol II) 5-Apr-1915 267
Ann Rollins Ann Rollins describes her home in the Second Celestial Sphere. 6-Jul-1915 268
Jesus Jesus confirms Luke’s message and that he is the representative of the Father to help His work on earth. 30-Sept-1915 269
Ann Rollins Ann Rollins writes on the great love of Jesus for him and his work of greatest importance.   269
Helen Padgett Helen writes of the great love of Jesus for him and the interest he has in both material and spiritual work.   270
Jesus Jesus writes about the increase in the love for the Father will help Mr. Padgett both materially and spiritually. 30-Aug-1915 271
Jesus Jesus was praying and helping Mr. Padgett to receive the Divine Love of the Father to permit the writing to be received by him. 1-Apr-1915 271
Jesus Jesus says his blood does not save men. Only the Divine Love or New Birth that he taught saves and redeems. (Duplicate of message on page 187, Vol II) 19-Sept-1915 272
John John: Let not your faith be shaken by what anyone says. 20-Sept-1915 273
Helen Padgett A message sent by Helen. 19-Sept-1915 274
Jesus Jesus often went with Mr. Padgett to the church services that he attended in Washington and then wrote about the preachers belief and spiritual development. 3-Oct-1915 274
John John states that Mr. Padgett is very near the Kingdom and that Jesus is with him in all his love and blessings. 16-Oct-1915 276
John What should a man do who is not satisfied with any of the churches. (Duplicate of message on page 128, Vol II) 19-Oct-1916 277
John John writes that only the Father can give you His Divine Love through earnest prayer to Him. 15-Apr-1916 278
John John advises Mr. Padgett to give up reading unrelated material and apply himself to the writings given him by Jesus and other Celestials. 7-Mar-1916 279
John John attended a spiritual meeting with Mr. Padgett and then wrote about the speakers that they did not know what oneness with the Father means. 10-Sep-1916 281
John John often attends Church services with Mr. Padgett as well as many other Celestials; says: The inexperience of the preacher to fully describe the subject of spiritualism was due to insufficient knowledge of the continuity of life. 15-Oct-1916 282
James James writes about his visit to Church with Mr. Padgett. 28-Apr-1918 283
Helen Padgett Helen writes of the ignorance of preachers to explain the Truth of the Gospel. 28-Apr-1918 283
Saul Saul, a member of Mr. Padgett’s band, is happy that he was selected to do the Master’s work on earth. 10-Oct-1915 284
Elias Elias introduces himself to Mr. Padgett and makes arrangement to write and be included in the Book of Truths. 24-Mar-1916 284
Elias Elias describes the feelings of the congregation of an orthodox minister, whose sermon was spiritual enlightenment and believed to be a true spiritualist. 22-Oct-1916 285
Helen Padgett Helen was also present and heard the sermon of the orthodox minister. 22-Oct-1916 287
Elias Elias talks about the Law of Compensation. (Duplicate of message on Vol I pg 237.) 24-Dec-1916 287
Elias Elias comments on the lack of knowledge by the preacher of the truths of spiritualism. 1-Apr-1917 288
Elias Elias encourages Mr. Padgett to get into condition of soul to enable the Master to write his important messages. 27-Jan-1918 290
John John expected to complete an important message, but the soul condition of Mr. Padgett did not permit it. 27-Jan-1918 291
Helen Padgett Helen confirms that both Elias and John were anxious to deliver important messages tonight but could not due to improper soul conditions. 27-Jan-1918 292
Samuel R Smith Mr. Padgett once called an old friend “a man with a ponderous mind”; came back to tell him of the wonderful help that he received from his band of spirit helpers. 23-Aug-1915 292
Judge Syrick Judge Syrick tries impersonation to test Mr. Padgett’s soul perception. 18-Jan-1917 293
Helen Padgett Helen confirms the test that was made by Judge Syrick. 18-Jan-1917 293
Syrick Judge Syrick confirms many things that Mr. Padgett told him about life in the spirit world. 29-Mar-1915 294
Helen Padgett Helen explains Judge Syrick’s spiritual condition as well as their cousin Laura, who was not known to either on earth. 29-Mar-1915 294
Elizabeth Browning Although Elizabeth Barret Browning is a bright spirit and happy, she has never seen spirits as bright as those that surround Mr. Padgett when he is receiving these communications. 16-Jun-1917 297
John John discloses that allowing the lower spirits to take control of him has depressed him to the extent that he lost faith in the Celestial Spirits. 7-Jul-1917 298
Ann Rollins Ann Rollins explains disappointments in both spiritual and material world. 7-Jul-1917 299
Helen Padgett Helen also reassures Mr. Padgett that the sun will shine on his material as well as spiritual affairs. 7-Jul-1917 300
John John says the preacher has very little knowledge of the “Truth” as has been revealed in the writings received and does not advise attending these services. 8-Jul-1917 301
Helen Padgett Helen agrees with John that Mr. Padgett was not benefitted by attending meeting, but pleased with his improved condition of soul. 8-Jul-1917 303
John John came in to encourage both Mr. Padgett and Dr. Stone to have faith in the outcome of a plan that the spirit forces have outlined to them. 24-May-1916 303
Helen Padgett Helen comments on Billy Sunday’s sermon, to the effect that his teachings are directed towards the progress of the soul and the perfect man. 9-Jan-1918 303
Jesus Jesus comments on a sermon delivered by Rev. William Sunday - entitled: “There is appointed once a time for man to die and after that the Judgment.” (Duplicate of a message on Vol II pg 340) 23-Feb-1918 305
Helen Padgett Helen was also present at Rev. William Sunday’s services with many others including his special guardian, John, and is happy that Jesus was able to make a good rapport with her husband. (Duplicate of a message on Vol II pg 342) 23-Feb-1918 307
Helen Padgett Helen writes that a large majority of men will exist in eternity as perfect men and enjoy the happiness which it brings, hence it is important that men should know the moral Truths of Divine Love. 21-May-1918 308
John John says: That the most effective way of reestablishing the rapport is by praying more sincerely and frequently to the Father for the inflowing of His Love. 23-Sep-1918 309
Helen Padgett Helen urges Mr. Padgett to bend every effort to get in condition as John has written. 23-Sep-1918 310
Helen Padgett Helen informs Mr. Padgett that his reading about the old prophets had little effect on his soul, because our Father never had the feeling of wrath against His children as the Bible quotes. 30-Oct-1918 311
Job Job comments on the book that Mr. Padgett was reading, which only incorporates the natural love and not the Divine Love. 19-Feb-1919 312
Helen Padgett Helen is pleased with the improvement that Mr. Padgett is making in his recovery, but he is not strong enough for the Celestial Spirits to write. 19-Feb-1919 313
John John as Mr. Padgett’s guardian angel is with him a great deal and advises him on the talks given by various lecturers. 13-Jun-1917 314
John St. John advises Mr. Padgett about a Plan of Independence that will be disclosed in detail at a later date. 11-Mar-1916 314
John Mastry Selected to help Mr. Padgett with his personal problems. 11-Mar-1916 315
Helen Padgett Helen confirms both John and stranger by the name of Mastry wrote. 11-Mar-1916 315
Riddle Mr. A. G. Riddle, a former law partner of Mr. Padgett, has progressed sufficiently in receiving the Divine Love of the Father to be able to help other spirits in the lower spheres. 30-Mar-1915 316
Helen Padgett Helen writes about her experience with some spirits that Mr. Padgett sent to her that did not believe in prayer, although one said that he did pray as a child. 30-Mar-1915 317
John John gives reasons why corrections have to be made in the New Testament and that James is the real brother of Jesus. 28-Aug-1916 319
Martin Luther Luther has met the two Popes responsible for his trials, and they have not progressed very far in the spirit world. 28-Aug-1916 319
Helen Padgett Helen is happy with Mr. Padgett’s improved condition. 28-Aug-1916 320
Lazarus Lazarus confirms the writers as being who they represented themselves to be and that both Mary and Martha, his sisters, are living together in the Celestial Heavens. (Duplicate of a message in Vol II pg 296) 21-Sep-1916 320
Helen Padgett Helen confirms the writing from Lazarus. 21-Sep-1916 321
Goliath The famous giant Goliath of the Philistines affirms that there is no reincarnation after death of the mortal body. 25-Nov-1916 322
Helen Padgett Helen confirms the statement, that there is no reincarnation. 25-Nov-1916 324
Judas Judas, as a brother and friend, urges Mr. Padgett not to permit his material mind control his spiritual consciousness, which darkens the soul faculties and prevents rapport with higher spirits. 1-Dec-1916 324
John John comments on the mediums’ ability to prophecy and says, that no spirit has the gift of prophecy, as mortals term it, arising from a supernatural or omniscient power; as well as encouragement for Mr. Padgett. 7-Jan-1917 326
Samuel Samuel agrees with what John has written concerning Mr. Padgett’s material and spiritual progression. 7-Jan-1917 327
Helen Padgett Helen confirms the opinion of John regarding the ability of the medium to prophecy. 7-Jan-1917 327
John John writes that there is no one in all the world at this time who is fitted to do the work which you are now doing and which you must continue to do while on earth. (Duplicate of a message in Vol I pg 306, but this copy has one extra paragraph.) 11-Feb-1917 328
John John states that very soon a great effort will be made by the Christian spiritualist to spread the Truth. 20-Sep-1915 329
John the Baptist John the Baptist writes that there is no doubt among the Celestial Spirits that Jesus has selected Mr. Padgett to do the work of communication between earth and the spirit world. 20-Sep-1915 330
Mark St. Mark reassures Mr. Padgett that the writers truly are who they represent themselves to be. 20-Sep-1915 330
Stephen Saint Stephen is working to strengthen Mr. Padgett’s faith. 20-Sep-1915 331
William Meloy A brother lawyer explains his spiritual progress and is happy that Jesus is able to write through his old friend. 20-Sep-1915 331
Helen Padgett Helen confirms the various writers this night and they all were who they represented themselves to be. 20-Sep-1915 332
John John informs Mr. Padgett That he is surrounded by a band of Celestial Spirits sending their love and best wishes for his spiritual progression. (Duplicate of a message in Vol II pg 162, and below pg 333) 30-Sep-1915 332
John John tells Mr. Padgett of the great love of the Master for him and urges him to pray more to the Father. (Duplicate of a message in Vol II pg 162, and above pg 332, but this is longer) 30-Sep-1915 333
John the Baptist John the Baptist also speaks encouraging words to Mr. Padgett to help to increase his faith.(Duplicate of a message in Vol II pg 161) 30-Sep-1915 333
James James the Apostle also encourages Mr. Padgett to have faith in what Jesus has said today. (Duplicate of a message in Vol II pg 162) 31-Oct-1916 334
Luke Luke assures Mr. Padgett of the great love and power of the Master and the Celestial Power that surrounds him. (Duplicate of a message in Vol II pg 162) 30-Sep-1915 334
John Critcher Critcher, a brother lawyer, dropped in to pay a visit and explain his disappointment on entering the spirit world. 7-Nov-1915 335
Riddle Riddle, a former law partner of Mr. Padgett’s, is now a part of his band of workers as well as protectors from the spirit side of life. 24-Sep-1915 335
Helen Padgett Helen attended a Church Service with Mr. Padgett and tells of the various relatives that tried to contact him that he never knew. 7-Nov-1915 336
William Woodward A friend of Mr. Padgett’s writes that when on earth he believed in the New Birth but found It quite different upon entering the spirit world. 18-Dec-1917 337
George Calvert Calvert, a school acquaintance is seeking help from Mr. Padgett. 31-Jan-1917 337
Samuel Phillips Samuel R. Phillips, a brother lawyer, in darkness, learned that Mr. Padgett was helping spirits in darkness and thought that he would not refuse to help him. 19-Mar-1915 338
Sarah Wilson Sarah J. Wilson, an abortionist, realizes only too late the great wrong she performed on earth and is seeking help.   339
Bill Tucker Tucker claims to have been bad when on earth, is trying to get out of darkness.   340
Solomon Brown A wandering spirit is looking for help as he is more or less lost.   341
Samuel Williams Samuel Williams is seeking help because on earth he made many animals to suffer.   341
Julius Soloman Julius Soloman is in darkness and is seeking help.   342
Louisa Connell Louisa R. Connell had a theatrical career and is in darkness with others of the same profession.   343
White Eagle A message from White Eagle. 2-Apr-1915 344
Helen Padgett A message from Helen. 2-Apr-1915 345
Joseph Godfrey A grateful spirit writes to thank Mr. Padgett for the help, he had received from him.   345
John Carlisle John G. Carlisle writes about his suffering and darkness that he is in and is asking for help. 20-Nov-1915 345
Helen Padgett Helen tells Mr. Padgett why she called him to write. 20-Nov-1915 346
John Carlisle Carlisle, an old friend of Mr. Padgett’s, is seeking his help to get out of darkness. 7-Mar-1916 347
Frank Davis Frank Davis, an old friend and chum of Mr. Padgett’s, describes his condition on entering the spirit world and tells about the help that he received there to obtain the light. 7-Mar-1916 348
Helen Padgett Helen writes that she sees both Carlisle and Davis and is trying to help them both to come into the light. 7-Mar-1916 350
John Carlisle Carlisle has progressed into the light within the past year with the help of Mr. Padgett and his Celestial Spirits. 29-Sep-1917 350
George Butler George Butler writes about his progress from darkness into the light with the help of Mr. Padgett. 15-Mar-1919 352
Stephen Elkins Stephen B. Elkins is in a condition of darkness and suffering, is asking Mr. Padgett for help.   354
Helen Padgett Helen, by this message, admits that she is not always present when Mr. Padgett receives communications.   354
Stephen Elkins Stephen Elkins was helped by Mr. Padgett and has progressed out of darkness. When on earth, he did not believe in things of the soul, or Jesus, or even in a God. 11-Feb-1916 354
Helen Padgett Helen explains that White Eagle is in charge of the dark spirits and only permits them to write at the proper time, and reports on the progress made by spirits that he helped. 11-Feb-1916 356
Ralph Waldo Emerson Emerson does not believe in the Divine Love; his home is in the Sixth Sphere.   357
Thomas Paine The skeptical writer of colonial days, called by contemporaries an infidel, admits he was mistaken in some of his beliefs. (Duplicate of message on page 381, Vol I) 20-Jul-1915 358
Clara Barton Clara Barton, founded the Red Cross Society, and is still in the earth plane and not too interested in spiritual progression. 14-Apr-1916 359
Helen Padgett Helen says that Miss Barton is now with Mr. Padgett’s mother, who is explaining to her the Great Love of the Father. 14-Apr-1916 360
John Bunyan John Bunyan, the writer of Pilgrims Progress, now a Celestial Spirit, and a follower of Jesus. 13-Sep-1915 360
Ann Rollins Ann Rollins when on earth was both blind and deaf, but was not unhappy, and the secret was, that in her soul she had the Love of the Father. 9-Jan-1917 361
John Bunyan John Bunyan: The Law of Compensation. (Duplicate of message in Vol I, pg 345) 9-Jan-1917 363
Helen Padgett Helen reassures Mr. Padgett that Bunyan really wrote. And she wants him to read his grandmother’s message. 9-Jan-1917 364
Laura Burroughs Cousin Laura Burroughs tells of meeting her soulmate. 19-Jan-1917 364
George Luckett A confirmed bachelor decides he will try to get into the proper condition that will enable him to meet his soulmate. 19-Jan-1917 365
John Parker A Seventh Sphere inhabitant wants to assure Mr. Padgett that the writers are truthfully who they represent themselves to be. 14-Mar-1916 366
Josephus Josephus (Jewish Historian) assures Mr. Padgett that he is receiving communications from spirits living in the Celestial Spheres. 14-Mar-1916 367
Helen Padgett Helen says that spirits that wanted to write were stopped by his Indian guide because Mr. Padgett was too tired.   367
Franklin Mackey Mackey is grateful and never will forget Mr. Padgett’s kindness in helping him to see the light. 22-Jul-1915 367
George Harvey Harvey wants to know why Mackey and Taggart have changed so: Was it because they have received the Love of God? 22-Jul-1915 368
Hugh Taggart Taggart is grateful for what Mr. Padgett has done for him and the wonderful results that followed from the advice given to him. 22-Jul-1915 368
James Garfield Garfield is grateful to Mr. Padgett for the opportunity to write and obtain help, for a confused mind. (Duplicate of a Message in Vol III pg 137.) 22-Mar-1915 369
Riddle Riddle feels that Garfield will now seek Jesus as a result of Mr. Padgett’s encouragement. (Duplicate of a message in Vol III pg 139.) 22-Mar-1915 371
Helen Padgett Helen confirms that Garfield wrote and that he is a wonderful spirit. (Duplicate of a message in Vol 3 pg 139.) 22-Mar-1915 371
James Garfield Garfield writes that Mr. Padgett’s grandmother has had a beneficial effect on him and has helped him to get into the light. 17-Nov-1916 372
James Garfield James A. Garfield would like to be able to impress our President that he is overlooking matters of greater importance close to his peace stand. 27-Feb-1917 373
Salyards Prof. Salyards describes his entry into the spirit world and his spiritual progression. 18-Dec-1914 375
Helen Padgett Helen assures Mr. Padgett that Prof. Salyards loves him and that it was really he who wrote. 18-Dec-1914 378
Prof Salyards Prof. Salyards has progressed to the Third Sphere and has located his soulmate with the help of Mrs. Padgett and knows that she is his forever. 28-Dec-1914 380
Prof Salyards Prof. Salyards is prevailed upon to write his prose or poem as he mentioned in an earlier writing. 1-Apr-1915 382
Prof Salyards Prof. Salyards has progressed into the Seventh Sphere and never ceases to thank God for His Love and Mercy. 6-Aug-1915 383
Prof Salyards Prof. Salyards writes on the effect of the Divine Love on the soul of spirits and its great power to purify. 10-Oct-1915 384
James St. James is helping Dr. Leslie R. Stone with his spiritual progression and is with him a great deal.   385
Prof Salyards Prof. Salyards Writes that the law is the unchangeable factor in determining the status of men on earth and spirits. 21-Jan-1916 386
Helen Padgett Helen informs Mr. Padgett on the conditions surrounding a medium that he visited to learn about the kind of work they did in behalf of the Kingdom, on advice of a friend. 21-Jan-1916 387
Prof Salyards Mr. Padgett was once a pupil of Prof. Salyards and now the tables are reversed. 8-Feb-1916 388
Helen Padgett Helen learns that Mr. Morgan will have an Indian guide called Red Fox. 8-Feb-1916 389
Barnabas Barnabas says that he goes to the Father in time of trouble. (Duplicate of a message in Vol II pg 163) 30-Sep-1915 390
John Wesley John Wesley also encourages Mr. Padgett. (Duplicate of a message in Vol II pg 163) 30-Sep-1915 390
Ross Perry Perry, an old friend of Mr. Padgett’s wrote about his suicide and his condition in darkness. 1-Oct-1915 390
Hugh Taggart Ann Rollins helps a friend of Mr. Padgett, a suicide spirit that lost all hope of ever being forgiven to realize that there is hope for him in the spirit world. 16-Feb-1917 393
Ross Perry Perry is feeling better and is grateful for all the help given to him by Mr. Padgett and other loving spirits. 4-Mar-1917 394
Ross Perry’s mother Perry’s mother expresses her gratitude to Mr. Padgett for his efforts in permitting her son to see the light. 4-Mar-1917 394
Helen Padgett Helen wrote that Perry is praying for Divine Love and is commencing to realize the great love that his mother has for him. 4-Mar-1917 395
Edwin Forrest Forrest, a brother lawyer and once an associate of Mr. Padgett, seeks help, since he heard that others received help. 27-Jun-1916 395
Edwin Forrest Forrest writes that he is out of darkness and in the light of Love, that he has been praying, and the bright spirits in his behalf and especially Helen, Mr. Padgett’s wife. 27-Feb-1917 396
Edwin Forrest Mr. Forrest is commencing to realize that there must be a God of Mercy and Love with the help of Mr. Padgett’s wife and grandmother. 12-Oct-1916 397
Helen Padgett Helen writes that Forrest is praying earnestly for the Divine Love and is progressing, and was so anxious to write. 12-Oct-1916 398
Ross Perry’s mother Mrs. Perry writes about her son’s soul, that is now opening to the Truth and that he is relieved from the awful belief that held him in darkness, and is praying to the Father. 16-Feb-1917 400
Helen Padgett Helen confirms that Perry has been helped by Mr. Padgett in the direction of Divine Love. 16-Feb-1917 400
Ross Perry Perry Ross has progressed sufficiently out of darkness that he is now helping other dark spirits that are going through the same conditions that are similar to his. 3-Apr-1918 400
Ross Perry Perry is very happy to tell Mr. Padgett that he is praying to the Father with all the longing of his soul for an increase of His Love, and that he will soon be in the Third Sphere. (Duplicate of a message in Vol II pg 336 and Vol IV pg 268) 27-Apr-1918 401
Helen Padgett Helen: Glad Perry wrote. 27-Apr-1918 403
Luke St. Luke was the first to compile material now contained in his Gospel, which is not the same as he compiled it. 28-Aug-1915 403
Jesus The prayer given by Jesus as the only prayer.(This is not quite the same as on page 40, Vol I) 2-Dec-1916 404

Volume IV.