Contemporary Messages From Spirit

Contemporary Channelled Messages - Year 2015 and 2016

These are the spirit communications we have received in the year 2015 and 2016.

Author Title Date of Message
John Everything is Simple January 2nd, 2015
John How the Law of Compensation works using gossip as an example. January 19th, 2015
John the Beloved Struggling to make sense of the world. 16th March, 2015
Andrew Every human soul is damaged by the Earth Condition March 27th, 2015
Seretta Kem The greatest of all types of healing is Divine Love healing March 29th, 2015
Augustine The conflict between the mind and the soul 18th May, 2015
Joseph Smith The imaginings and ideas of men create falsehoods and misinterpretations 15th June, 2015
Alec Gaunt The world is changing 6th July, 2015
John the Beloved The winds of change blow upon this world 25th July, 2015
Jesus The world is fast approaching a time of chaos. 17th August, 2015
Francis of Assisi Be a beacon and a source of Light. 20th August, 2015
James Padgett Express the truth to others. Padgett talks of why this is so important 20th August, 2015
Augustine Divine Love is the path to Heal the World August 22nd, 2015
Augustine The difference between the material mind and the soul mind October 12th, 2015
Aman Reincarnation has never occurred. 26th October, 2015
Simon Being a Channel of Love 26th November, 2015
Confucius How the Gift of Love can touch a soul and change the world 18th January, 2016
Augustine The Power of Prayer 23rd January, 2016
St. Francis of Assisi Walk This World Guided By The Heavenly Father And His Angels January 28th, 2016
Luke Fighting back the Darkness of the Earth Conditions 29th February, 2016
Augustine Sensitive Souls are the saviours of this world 7th March, 2016
Luke Encrustations of the Soul. 11th March, 2016
Luke The Power of Prayer 19th March, 2016
Andrew Service - Helping Others 26th March, 2016
Seretta Kem Mediumship, Communication and Rapport 27th March, 2016
Joseph Joseph on the Power of Commitment 28th March, 2016
Augustine A Lesson on the Power of Humility 30th March, 2016
Judas The Purpose of Divine Love 31st March, 2016
Jesus Jesus’ Ministry and the Teachings of Divine Love 2nd April, 2016
Keea-atta Kem The Gifts of the Soul 4th April, 2016
Mahatma Gandhi Talk on Compassion and Service 5th April, 2016
Augustine Expectations of the Mind - letting go. 12th April, 2016
Moses Lesson on the Falsity of the Vicarious Atonement and the uncertain nature of personal truth 12th April, 2016
Seretta Kem The Use of Healing and other Energies 13th April, 2016
Mary How to Walk upon the Path Divine 2nd May, 2016
Andrew Andrew on Two choices, Two paths 2nd May, 2016
Jesus Walk with me in this Light. 11th May, 2016
James Padgett Encouragement to read the Volumes 11th May, 2016
The Beloved Your Life Plan 11th May, 2016
Keea Atta-kem How Divine Love changes the Soul 16th May, 2016
Aman Aman speaks about the Heaven on Earth he experienced 30th May, 2016
James Breaking free of the shell around your soul June 13th, 2016
John The difference between ego and soul. 25th June, 2016
Augustine Choose the Mind or the Soul for your spiritual journey 10th July, 2016
Seretta Kem Expiation and Purification of the Soul. 13th July, 2016
Seretta Kem The Power of Prayers Multiplied 25th July, 2016
James Padgett Each of you experiences God and Truth in a unique way 17th August, 2016
Matthew The difference between mind and soul 25th August, 2016
Brother Mandus A description of the soul and its enduring nature 27th August, 2016
Seretta Kem Group Prayer Multiplies Blessings 1st September, 2016
Augustine Natural Love and Divine Love 2nd September, 2016
Augustine Being in the Light takes conscious effort 14th September, 2016
Jesus About Absolute Truth 14th September, 2016
Augustine The Reaction to Your Light 15th September, 2016
Seretta Kem Earth Changes and your soul condition 15th October, 2016
James Reid The value of knowing your souls. 27th November, 2016
Moses Divine Love Followers must unite in the Name of Love 28th November, 2016
Judas Put aside the Goals and Ambitions of your Mind 29th November, 2016
Seretta Kem Mediumship and aiming for the highest 6th December, 2016
Augustine Know your awakened soul 8th December, 2016
Luke Lessons on Forgiveness and Compassion 9th December, 2016
Alec Gaunt As you grow within your soul, you will be able to receive the changes that are coming 21st December, 2016